Faculty Profile

  • Linda Chernus
  • Professor of Clinical Psychiatry
  • Academic Location:
    Stetson Building

    Cincinnati, OH 45219
  • Clinical Location:
    Logan Hall

    Cincinnati, OH 45229
  • Phone: 513-558-3830
  • Email: linda.chernus@uc.edu

    Research/Clinical Interests:

  • Primary objectives of current research and scholarship are:

    1) Development of a self-psychologically-informed approach to the outpatient psychotherapy of the active alchoholic patient,

    2) Further understanding and teaching of how the consistent use of the empathic mode of data gathering and interpretation deepens the therapeutic process, enables the patient to more fully utilize the therapist to perform needed self object functions, and promotes the process of transmuting internalization of self object functions leading to psychological structure-building.

    She treats chronically mentally ill patients in Central Clinic, provides clinical teaching and supervision to social work students and psychiatry residents, and is widely published in the fields of self psychology, substance abuse treatment, psychoanalysis and social work and child abuse.


  • Master's Degree: Smith College, 1976

Peer Reviewed Publications (in chronological order):

  • Chernus, L.A. (2009). Self pathology: Professional ethics, countertransference, and psychoanalytic morality . Psychoanalytic Social Work , 16 (1) .
  • Chernus, L.A. (2008). "Separation/Abandonment/Isolation Trauma": An Application of Psychoanalytic Developmental Theory to Understanding its Impact on Both Chimpanzee and Human Children . Journal of Emotional Abuse , 8 (4) , 447.
  • Chernus, L.A. (2008). "Separation/Abandonment/Isolation Trauma": What We Can Learn from our Nonhuman Primate Relatives. . Journal of Emotional Abuse , 8 (4) , 469.
  • Chernus, L.A. (2007). The remarkable explanatory power of neurobiology: A validation and synthesis of psychoanalytic theory, infant observation, and clinical social work practice . Psychoanalytic Social Work , 14 (1) , 77.
  • Chernus, L.A. (2005). Psychoanalysis and clinical social work: A contemporary perspective . Psychoanalytic Social Work , 12 (2) , 99.
  • Chernus, L.A. (2005). A self psychological approach to collaboration: Psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy with a bipolar client . Psychoanalytic Social Work , 12 (2) , 1.
  • Chernus, L.A. (2005). Psychotherapy with alcoholic patients: A self psychological approach . Smith College Studies in Social Work , 75 (3) , 63.
  • Free, N. K., Green, B. L., Grace, M. C., Chernus, L. A., & Whitman, R. M. (1985). (In Press). Empathy and outcome in brief focal dynamic therapy. . The American Journal of Psychiatry , 142 (8) , 917-21.
  • Plotnikov, N. A., Nikitin, A. A., & Chernus, L. A. (1977). (In Press). [Arthro-osteoplasty with lyophilized bone allotransplant in acute injury of the mandibular condyle] . Sovetskaia Meditsina (9) , 14-7.
  • Lagutina, T. S., Nikitin, A. A., Chernus, L. A., & Troianski?, I. V. (In Press). [Changes in the bioelectrical activity of the masseter and temporal muscles in traumatic injuries of the mandibular articular process] . Stomatologiia , 59 (5) , 36-8.

Recent Awards/Honors:

  • Nominated for Inclusion in 2010 Edition. Who's Who in America. September 2008
  • "Hope and Heroes Honoree". Batavia, OH. The Partnership for Mental Health, Inc, 05-2008
  • Faculty Merit Bonus Award. For excellence in research and clinical practice, 09-2006
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